Del’s Cold Blast Continues

After the fire on April 2nd this year, you could say that the building heated up quite a bit… but since last Tuesday, with the help of Continental Carbonic,  Del’s is getting a very eye pleasing “cool down”. The dry ice blasting process basically removes the top layer of brick and basically makes the wall look new again. This process is much easier to clean up rather than sand blasting (even though it may not look like it now) because sand blasting has not only the layer of brick coming off, but also the sand itself; with dry ice blasting, the ice just melts away and we’re only left with the brick dust. This week, the top two floors have been completed and we are now finishing up the main level that is home to the storefront. If you’ve been downtown or on Merchant Street in the last week, we’re sure you have probably heard and most likely seen the dry ice process happening.  There is dust EVERYWHERE! Just walking around to get pictures inside almost requires a white suit and breathing mask. This photo is right after they shut down the dry ice process. As you can see, there is literally dust everywhere.




The first photo below is of the back wall that was severely damaged from the fire in April. It hasn’t undergone the dry ice process yet, but we will be able to show you a side-by-side picture when it is finished. This wall hasn’t been re-done yet, as you can see. The top of the wall literally has bricks that could fall off at anytime. The blasting process needs to be completed first so the wall can be re-built. The 2nd photo is a side-by-side result that shows the wall before and after blasting. The left side hasn’t been touched and the right side is finished.

IMG_0658 IMG_0659Check back next week for more photos and an update on our re-building process. We are so happy to be getting our construction underway and being closer to re-opening and being able to serve all of you once again. Don’t forget, the Decatur Celebration begins August 6th and goes through the 9th. We will definitely miss being open this year, as the Celebration is always a fund time at Del’s.


Here’s What’s Poppin at Del’s

So, since our post last week about getting a start on the re-build process, we’ve seen some BIG improvements. As of now, all of the floor joists and beams throughout the structure are supported, the masons are putting the finishing touches on the brick work, and next week we begin dry ice blasting the brick walls on the main level to try and preserve the original building’s bricks. For those of you that walk by Del’s often, be prepared for some LOUD noise.

PLEASE keep writing on our window graphics, we love seeing all of the people that have came and reading their messages! It is okay to write on the other parts of the graphics like the background popcorn since we are out of room on the actual “message” parts. We really can’t wait to get re-opened and serving all of our loyal customers ASAP!

So, in other news, please keep sending us your ideas for our grand re-opening! We want to please you and get everyone possible involved!!! You can comment here, facebook, or shoot an email to with the subject Attn: Hunter Bailey if you want to volunteer or donate your business.

As always, thanks for reading!

Leave Us A Message!

As many of you know, our window graphics recently went up last week on the Del’s store front.  We would like for any Del’s Popcorn Shop enthusiast to come out and sign our windows in the designated areas. We should be providing paint markers as of today sometime and the wonderful gals at Giggles will be taking them in each night. The markers will not be there on Sunday, but you are more than welcome to come any other day and sign! And, as you can see in the photos below, there is still PLENTY of room for more messages!

IMG_0545 IMG_0547

As for our rebuilding process, we are STILL waiting on the insurance company! We were supposed to have received all of our funds by last week and still haven’t hear or received anything from them yet! Once the ball does get rolling though, we have some pretty awesome surprises in store for you! You can check back during our rebuild process often either right here or on Facebook. Once we do have work being done in the shop, we will be posting everything that is happening! We can’t wait to get open again and serving all of our loyal customers. We miss you all just as much as you miss us!


Look What We Found!

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, then you know that this past week we’ve been having workers clean out our third level of the building. What most don’t know is that the third floor used to be a brothel in the early 1900’s. While cleaning out the floor, we found some pretty neat doors. Check them out below! The photo on the left includes 3 doors (far left) that were found upstairs, the two wooden screen doors and the photo on the right were doors found in the Del’s basement; the photo on the right is also the original Del’s Popcorn Shop doors.

IMG_0492 IMG_0484

As far as re-build updates, we are STILL waiting for insurance to finish up so we can’t do much more, but they are supposed to be meeting this week so… hopefully we can begin reconstruction very soon! Although we can’t do much to the actual store and building, we’ve been extremely busy sorting through everything from inside Del’s at our warehouse and organizing. Much of our belongings include many old and some original pieces of Del’s. If you’ve ever been in the candy side of Del’s, then the Bell Telephone sign may look familiar to you. Our little red frog here, is a very important and valued piece of Del’s Popcorn Shop. He is a original piece that has stuck with the shop from the beginning. Many don’t see him, because he sits behind the counter, but he holds a VERY important process in organization of Del’s: he holds onto all of the current day’s shop orders! We can’t express our enthusiasm on how excited we were to locate him this morning!

IMG_0491 IMG_0493


As always, thanks for reading and being a vital part of our re-building process. We are looking forward to FINALLY getting our window graphics up sometime this week and are planning on having WAND-TV here to do a new story along with an update. We’ll let you know when the graphics are up and can’t wait for you to see them. Don’t forget to check back here often as well as our Facebook page! We can’t wait to be back open again!