After our pretty exciting finding last week, were more ready than ever to get the ball rolling. This week, there is a TON of stuff going on behind the scenes at Del’s. There are several meetings with contractors and etc.. If you’ve been down to sign our window graphics… THANK YOU! It definitely makes our day better walking down and reading all of the great things people love and miss about Del’s. Below are some photos of the messages we’ve received as well as a very special one from Kemper’s son, Griffin.

IMG_0563 IMG_0573 IMG_0574If you came down to see our newest discovery of the beer sign or to just sign our graphics, then you know that our scaffolding is still up. This week the chute will be moved from the second floor and put back up to the third level to start work on removing plaster and such. Since work on our second level is wrapping up, we’ve noticed one interesting thing from the ceiling. There are burn marks on the floor trusses that were underneath the ceiling tiles. We came upon this finding because when one looks at the trusses there is one area in particular that dips much lower than the rest. These burn marks aren’t from our fire, but  are actually from the big Decatur fire in 1909.  Below are photos of the burnt trusses. Kemper said that in those days, people didn’t just throw away wood for being burnt like we do today. If it still had purpose, then they would leave it. SO…. that’s what they did on our second level. The part that they did repair from the fire has totally different sized boards than the part that wasn’t harmed from the fire.

edit edit2

The first photo shows the major dip in the ceiling and has the main beam circled that is sagging. The second photo is of one of the trusses. This one in particular is cracked all the way through and is only being held up by few rotting nails. With workers being on the third level, Kemper is taking all necessary precautions and recommended that the trusses be reinforced so we don’t have any accidents. We’re currently working on a few BIG projects that we are soooooo excited about!

Check in here frequently to hear and see about our updates as well as what our future projects will hopefully be as long as everything goes right! Once again, we can’t wait to be open and serving each and every awesome Del’s customer. So, in the meantime, go downtown and check out some other awesome local businesses and PLEASE, sign our window graphics. We love to hear and see how much Del’s means to you all!


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