The Finish is Near


I know it’s been a long time since the last post, we’re so sorry! We have some exciting things in store for you tho! Although we don’t have an exact open date  just yet, we’re in the last few phases of the remodel after our fire from April of 2015. So, to make up for the lack of posts… we have some exciting sneak peeks for you!

The original chandeliers that have been in Del’s for decades and our re-vamped tin ceiling
The remodeled front with one of the antique doors we found


The light and front slab where all the popcorn is made in our kettles from the 1940’s!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little preview! You can stay up to date on all the happenings of Del’s by liking us on Facebook! Thanks for your loyalty and support through our entire rebuilding process! We can’t wait to be “poppin” downtown again soon! In the meantime check out our location in Hickory Point Mall outside of Von Maur for all your favorite Del’s treats!

Del’s Has A New Look

If you’ve been downtown or just following the blog here, then you have seen the scaffolding that has been covering the front of Del’s Popcorn Shop the last few months. Today, there is a new view… NO MORE SCAFFOLDING! Although it was helpful to complete a lot of work that needed done, we couldn’t ever get any good photos of the front of the building for things like the new window graphics and even when we found the historic Beer Depot sign and windows, but alas, one can now have a clear view of Del’s.

2015-08-03 11.20.57


This means that the dry ice blasting process is now complete. We would really like to thank all of our downtown neighbors and shop owners for their patience during this process due to the amount of dust and noise.  Speaking of the dry ice process, here is the photos, as promised of a side-by-side view of the back wall where the fire occurred. The left photo(sorry it’s dark) is of the wall after being blasted and the right is before. As you can see, the fire burn marks are gone for the most part and the red brick color is now back!

2015-08-03 11.19.39IMG_0658


The next few days are dedicated to cleaning up the dust and etc. and then after the Decatur Celebration this week, work will  begin once again on re-building Del’s! We can not be more excited to get to work again and be re-opened for our delicious CARAMEL APPLE SEASON! We miss making them (and tasting them) just as much as you do!!!  So, thank you all for continuing to follow our progress on here and remaining a loyal customer! We couldn’t do this without you!


Del’s Cold Blast Continues

After the fire on April 2nd this year, you could say that the building heated up quite a bit… but since last Tuesday, with the help of Continental Carbonic,  Del’s is getting a very eye pleasing “cool down”. The dry ice blasting process basically removes the top layer of brick and basically makes the wall look new again. This process is much easier to clean up rather than sand blasting (even though it may not look like it now) because sand blasting has not only the layer of brick coming off, but also the sand itself; with dry ice blasting, the ice just melts away and we’re only left with the brick dust. This week, the top two floors have been completed and we are now finishing up the main level that is home to the storefront. If you’ve been downtown or on Merchant Street in the last week, we’re sure you have probably heard and most likely seen the dry ice process happening.  There is dust EVERYWHERE! Just walking around to get pictures inside almost requires a white suit and breathing mask. This photo is right after they shut down the dry ice process. As you can see, there is literally dust everywhere.




The first photo below is of the back wall that was severely damaged from the fire in April. It hasn’t undergone the dry ice process yet, but we will be able to show you a side-by-side picture when it is finished. This wall hasn’t been re-done yet, as you can see. The top of the wall literally has bricks that could fall off at anytime. The blasting process needs to be completed first so the wall can be re-built. The 2nd photo is a side-by-side result that shows the wall before and after blasting. The left side hasn’t been touched and the right side is finished.

IMG_0658 IMG_0659Check back next week for more photos and an update on our re-building process. We are so happy to be getting our construction underway and being closer to re-opening and being able to serve all of you once again. Don’t forget, the Decatur Celebration begins August 6th and goes through the 9th. We will definitely miss being open this year, as the Celebration is always a fund time at Del’s.


Ice, Ice, Baby… Del’s Is Getting Cooled Off!

As you all know, the fire on April 2nd of this year has kept the shop closed for the past few months, but this week, all the brick on all 3 floors is getting a nice dry ice blast to salvage the burns and refinish the beautiful 100+ year old wall! Below are some photos of the process. This photo shows a side-by-side comparison of the dry ice process. As you can see here, the left (lighter) side has undergone the dry icing process, and the right side hasn’timage

This is a photo of a completely blasted wall.


We started the dry ice blasting process on Tuesday and are hoping to have it done in about 10 days! if you have been downtown, then we’re sure you’ve probably heard all of the noise!

This photo is of the shop lobby and is taken from about the end of the lobby where the fudge slab used to be.  image

As always, thanks for reading and for following our blog and progress here! We can’t wait to get back open and popping soon!

Here’s What’s Poppin at Del’s

So, since our post last week about getting a start on the re-build process, we’ve seen some BIG improvements. As of now, all of the floor joists and beams throughout the structure are supported, the masons are putting the finishing touches on the brick work, and next week we begin dry ice blasting the brick walls on the main level to try and preserve the original building’s bricks. For those of you that walk by Del’s often, be prepared for some LOUD noise.

PLEASE keep writing on our window graphics, we love seeing all of the people that have came and reading their messages! It is okay to write on the other parts of the graphics like the background popcorn since we are out of room on the actual “message” parts. We really can’t wait to get re-opened and serving all of our loyal customers ASAP!

So, in other news, please keep sending us your ideas for our grand re-opening! We want to please you and get everyone possible involved!!! You can comment here, facebook, or shoot an email to with the subject Attn: Hunter Bailey if you want to volunteer or donate your business.

As always, thanks for reading!

The Ball Is Rolling

CONSTRUCTION IS UNDER WAY!!! This week, we have masons working on the back brick wall where the fire mainly was. There is a lot of damage to the wall including the burns and smoke damage, as well as the mortar crumbling away, so the wall is pretty much being re-done.

Also, please keep your thoughts rolling on what you want from our grand re-opening. We’d love to hear from you and get some ideas!


We Need You


With our remodel almost getting underway, we are beginning to plan ahead to our grand opening. That’s where YOU come in. We need some ideas and suggestions to what you would like to have. So far, we have the mobile zoo from Scovil Zoo willing to come. We are just starting these plans so we haven’t done too much. Right now, we are planning on a 2 day street festival on Merchant. We want to get other Merchant Street and downtown businesses involved as much as possible, so if you would like to be apart of our grand re-opening street party, let us know. You can either call us at (217)429-0037, comment on this post, or email us at Attn: Hunter Bailey.We want to hear YOUR ideas and  will take all ideas and suggestions into consideration in the planning of our event!

The Secrets Behind the Sign

If you saw our blog from last week then you know how excited we were to discover the original Decatur Beer Depot sign! Well, last night we were carefully removing the sign when we found another awesome discovery! Two original hand painted glass WINDOWS that go along with the beer depot sign that we found.image


Now, as for our window graphics, we’ve kind of ran out of space in the designated areas, so please GO AHEAD AND WRITE ON THE POPCORN KERNELS! Below is a photo of a message that left us rolling when we saw it!


This Week At Del’s…

After our pretty exciting finding last week, were more ready than ever to get the ball rolling. This week, there is a TON of stuff going on behind the scenes at Del’s. There are several meetings with contractors and etc.. If you’ve been down to sign our window graphics… THANK YOU! It definitely makes our day better walking down and reading all of the great things people love and miss about Del’s. Below are some photos of the messages we’ve received as well as a very special one from Kemper’s son, Griffin.

IMG_0563 IMG_0573 IMG_0574If you came down to see our newest discovery of the beer sign or to just sign our graphics, then you know that our scaffolding is still up. This week the chute will be moved from the second floor and put back up to the third level to start work on removing plaster and such. Since work on our second level is wrapping up, we’ve noticed one interesting thing from the ceiling. There are burn marks on the floor trusses that were underneath the ceiling tiles. We came upon this finding because when one looks at the trusses there is one area in particular that dips much lower than the rest. These burn marks aren’t from our fire, but  are actually from the big Decatur fire in 1909.  Below are photos of the burnt trusses. Kemper said that in those days, people didn’t just throw away wood for being burnt like we do today. If it still had purpose, then they would leave it. SO…. that’s what they did on our second level. The part that they did repair from the fire has totally different sized boards than the part that wasn’t harmed from the fire.

edit edit2

The first photo shows the major dip in the ceiling and has the main beam circled that is sagging. The second photo is of one of the trusses. This one in particular is cracked all the way through and is only being held up by few rotting nails. With workers being on the third level, Kemper is taking all necessary precautions and recommended that the trusses be reinforced so we don’t have any accidents. We’re currently working on a few BIG projects that we are soooooo excited about!

Check in here frequently to hear and see about our updates as well as what our future projects will hopefully be as long as everything goes right! Once again, we can’t wait to be open and serving each and every awesome Del’s customer. So, in the meantime, go downtown and check out some other awesome local businesses and PLEASE, sign our window graphics. We love to hear and see how much Del’s means to you all!


Check This Out!!!

This week, we’ve been taking off the outside of the building and found this AWESOME piece of history! If you hurry, you can come down and check it out. Kemper is planning on leaving it up for a day or so! While you’re checking it out, make sure you sign the window graphics as well! There are now markers provided! We were very excited to find this awesome sign.

image image